Instocka is a turnkey private manufacturer e-commerce platform.

The Instocka solution enables customers to purchase products directly on the manufacturer’s website with all purchase orders fulfilled by the manufactured authorized distributors. Only authorized distributors can participate as fulfillment partners on the platform. The private manufacturer e-commerce platform will feature a best-in-class display of authorized distributor information, including:


  • Quantity on hand 
  • Ship date 
  • Quantity on order
  • Shipping from
  • Pricing
  • Date code / lot code
  • Purchase order minimum
  • Country of origin
  • Part number min/mult
  • Authentication


This best-in-class display of authorized distributor information will provide customers with the widest selection of products for immediate purchase and fulfillment. Customers can purchase multiple products from different authorized distributors with only one purchase order and checkout process.

To learn more about Instocka please click the FAQ.

For any questions, please contact us at,

Instocka, LLC


(800) 426-1111